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Rabbi Kalman Packouz

Rabbi Kalman Packouz is a unique combination of rabbi, technologist and educator.

Brought up in a non-observant home in Portland, Oregon, he graduated with a BSc in Psychology from the University of Washington in Seattle.  Following graduation, he travelled in Europe and Israel while awaiting the start of Law School. While in Jerusalem he came across Aish HaTorah, at the time a small center of learning for Jews who wished to know more about their heritage.  Through study, reflection and evaluation,  Rabbi Packouz found the traditional Torah way of life satisfying on both an intellectual and emotional level.

 Rabbi Packouz decided to work towards being an educator and a rabbi so that he could share with others the same beauty and meaning he found in his heritage. In 1976 he published:"How To Stop an Intermarriage -- A Guide For Parents."   In 2002 he rewrote and expanded the book and retitled it as:"How To Prevent an Intermarriage - A Guide For Parents to Prevent Broken Hearts." 

In 1979 he opened the first branch of Aish HaTorah in St. Louis. In 1980 he founded the Jewish Computer Dating Service which was successful in helping promote Jewish marriages.  "Yenta became Honeywell" and Rabbi Packouz appeared on the Today Show.

Returning to Israel in 1982, Rabbi Packouz helped head up the Aish HaTorah international operations as executive director.  In 1989 he returned to the United States to open up an American office in Miami for Aish HaTorah's Worldwide programs.

One of Rabbi Packouz's greatest joys and accomplishments is writing the Aish HaTorah Shabbat Shalom Fax and internet newsletter, Shabbat Shalom Weekly, which gives insights into life, personal growth and Torah. It is read each week by over 180,000 people around the world.
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In 1997 Rabbi Packouz created the Aish HaTorah Window on the Wall (, the first webcam to view the Western Wall in Jerusalem. One can send via email a note to the Wall which is printed out and placed in the Wall by an Aish HaTorah student.

Rabbi Packouz is married and the father of nine children.